You tube 4 Ever!!!

7 08 2011

I am soooo on youtube right now, plus I haven’t posted in a while. so here is a video of a cat being slapped by its mother ’cause of its hat.

And a cat that does NOT want to bet touched.

Well now I am going to listen to my favorite band that ruled the face of earth, who my pretend boyfriend is in. Here is his melodic beautiful voice. (Geez I really sound like a hippie, no offence to you)

<a title=”Georgie

(note: it wont link so you will just have to copy and paste it on an address bar on another page)



22 07 2011

I am soooo excited (as you can tell by my title) because my favorite person(in the famous world) has a movie coming out about him!!! though he is departed. The name of the movie is “George Harrison: Living In The Material World” Its all about his life and what he did. Though it does come out in September, I just cannot help myself from blabbering my big mouth about it onto my blog. When it comes out I hope all of you see it too!! (if you are interested) And what is also better is that it even has the movie in a book!!

And of course I wouldn’t conclude a post like this without a picture of it!!

He is so cute!!!

Hey Peoplz!!

18 07 2011

Hello my fellow civilians! I’m sorry  I haven’t posted in a long time forever but it was because i had a lot of things to do since my last post. For the week after my post, I had to return on the 6 HOUR FLIGHT from Boston back to Cali AND THEN following that I had to help my mother with her wedding on the second of July. Then following that I went back to Arizona with my Nana and Baba (Baba is my grandpa. I’ve called him that since I was a baby) which took THREE DAYS. (of course we stayed at family houses for the nights) But now of course I’m done because I’m through with the extreme traveling. Yay!!!

Last Full Day :’-(

19 06 2011

Tomorrow is my last full day here in Bahstan Massachusetts and I am very sad. But today I had SOOO much fun! My family and I went Kayaking in Maine! It turns out I am a natural at it! 🙂 Well of course the rest of my family was perfect too. 🙂 Here are some pictures from the trip: (they had to be above this)

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Fatha’s Day (Father’s Day)

19 06 2011

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am very excited! I can’t really say much more because my Father might read this post…………

Happy Day

5 06 2011

Today I am meeting with several of my friends for my birthday party. We’re going bowling. Even though its not my real birthday, i’m still gonna have fun. On the day of my real birthday, i’m going to Boston to see my family. And don’t worry, i’ll post when i’m up there, updating on everything i’m doing!  :-))

Thank God. (Literally)

22 05 2011

So today was supposed to be the end of the world ’cause of this dumb old guy:

Well I say that ol’ kook is wrong ’cause if he was right, you wouldn’t be here, reading my post now would you? Oh and just in case you’re wonderin’,  I don’t believe in the whole Mayan “prophecy” either. For one, they were in South America, they didn’t have any technology what so ever, they just had stone, and last, they didn’t even speak English. (did they even speak a language besides ook ook hoo hoo aka aka moo moo? {that last part was cow. oh well, too late now}) UPDATE: (That last part i did, i did not intend to be racist.) But I guess I can sort of believe this:

Well, that concludes my “theory”. Now I’m just going to listen to my music.

again, I am glad that this did not happen: